The Rule Of Simplicity



I never truly appreciated how much my life circumstances in general affect how I dress. I'm not talking from a financial perspective, although that does make a big difference, it's more from an emotional perspective. To say I'm stressed would be an understatement.

I recently left a job which was making me utterly miserable. The work I was doing there was detrimental to my portfolio in the long term and I was also distressed to find out they were secretly reading my private emails. - illegal and creepy!

So I've gone freelance again. It's three weeks in and so far I've not worked at all though, as all the agencies are quiet at the moment. Having no income clearly affects ones fashion mojo!

In such times I can go one of two ways - either I engross myself in fashion and try and fool myself into feeling better, or I go the entire opposite and want to strip it all back and take it back to basics. Since the year has been incredibly difficult from a career perspective, I've been opting for the latter when I'm most stressed. Like right now.

I find myself riffling through my wardrobe and only craving single colours or simple black. Monday's outfit was definitely the exception to the current, prevailing rule.


It's not exactly the weather to wear such things, but recently the simplicity of a simple camisole top and jeans or trousers has been appealing to me more and more. Cranking up the heat and wafting around in spaghetti strapped nothings and the boyfriend's cozy wool cardigan feels like the best plan. That, and a jolly good book and cuppa of course.