The Cape Crusade



Scotland's weather may suck 90% of the time, especially when you're trying to shoot outfits, but what it does give us is proper autumns. Autumns where the leaves turn golden, the chestnuts fall from the trees and the air is crisp with the promise of winter.

October has been very mild so far but it's definitely on the cusp of getting properly cold. And that means layering.

Last week I was contacted by Cocoon Luxury Wear who create the most stunning Harris Tweed capes for women and children. As you know, I love tweed and so I was thrilled to add one of their beautifully crafted capes to my collection. If you think capes are all a bit too Miss Marple, you need to reassess this right away! Worn in a modern setting, capes are the perfect layering piece and ideal for adding additional warmth on chilly days, especially here in Scotland. I even wear this going to the supermarket in my slouchy jogging trousers!



Cocoon Luxury Wear - cape; Dusturbance - jacket; ASOS - Jumpsuit; Quay - sunglasses; Pixie Market - shoes


There are lots of delicious Harris Tweed colours to choose from. I opted for the Navy Grace cape because it's a colour you don't automatically associate with tweed - it's unexpected. I also find navy to be a hugely effective neutral upon which to build an outfit around. It's less obvious than black and just a little softer.