Oh My Goth

With radiators blasting out their heat morning and night, you’d never know it was June here. My life revolves choosing which two jackets to wear when I leave the damn house. It’s miserable and it’s little wonder Scottish people are a queer colour. You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re vampires with our unearthly pale skin and eyes that squint in the sun because we’re not used to it.

It’s also little surprise that I’ve not be sartorially inspired lately. Who would be when it’s autumn in summer?

The weekend was cold and wet in the main, but I managed to grab precisely 6 minutes of dry weather on Sunday to shoot my current outfit. I wasn't going to let shitty weather stop me pulling out this dramatic black dress from now defunct Aussie label, Lucette.

With the beaded, strapped bodice and layers of pleated tulle, it really doesn't need any additional accessorising. Such a shame the label didn't last as their creations were truly beautiful.

Ohmygoth_1 Ohmygoth_3Ohmygoth_2Ohmygoth_4 Ohmygoth_5

Lucette Dress
Thrifted Shirt
Lair Bag
Bertie Boots

They sent me this way back in 2010 and to be honest, it's a bit small now. It felt like wearing a corset. But hey, when something is this gorgeous, it's entirely worth the reduced  oxygen. I won't give it up though because I know that if I ever give up ballet I'll loose all my muscles and will fit into it comfortably again. I might be about 60, but still.