Wide Load

This ASOS jumpsuit doesn't see too much action. It's wear time is hindered primarily by the fact the hem drags slightly on the ground, so any damp or wet weather will mean you soak it up as a sponge as the day goes on. But we did get a whole day of dry weather on Saturday so I wore it to run errands.

Most bloggers will pop on an outfit for the purpose of a few photos then scurry back in to change into what they actually wear, but you dear readers, you are treated to the clothing I run errands in. Lucky, lucky you!

It's not stylistically where I'm at at the moment, but it's hardly worth putting on the leather to go buy milk and tatties (but it is worth putting on all the silverwear).


It's a very hard silhouette to photograph because the trousers are just so so baggy and when you are still you can very easily look comically wide. They are definitely far better in motion. The wide jumpsuit isn't an item of clothing for everyone. 

Metal Michelle will return next week (sorry Dust!).