Exit Light

Stories_8 Stories_4Prince B bought me an awesome new lens as part of my birthday, which is in a few weeks, but he let me shoot with it on the last sunny day for a while, or so the weatherman says anyway.  It's a great lens and I'm finally getting the shots I hoped I would get when I bought my Canon. It was only £100 but it's the fact it's a 40mm lens which has made all the difference. It turns my cropped sensor into a almost full frame sensor. So, yay!

Even though it's May, it's far from ditch the fur weather here. In fact, I'm thinking that I need a new one! I wear this ASOS one so often that I'm sure my neighbours are sick to death of seeing me in it.

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I've had a style reset and I'm back to 'basic' Michelle. I just feel the only thing I'm truly interested in currently is ballet. With the simplicity in my outfits (sorry layering and print fans, you'll just need to bear with me) I've had to dig into the old jewellery box to see if there are things in there I can decorate my wrists with, to add interest to an otherwise dull affair. This combination of leather and metal is a good start.

Oh and hi And Other Stories bag. I heart the shit out you.