With few or no new pieces are currently finding their way into my wardrobe, I have just been finding new combinations of things I already have and love. Of course, this means you guys don't exactly get to see anything new or fresh but instead have to look at the same things over and over. 

Since  I'm not out working each day any more, I tend to favour outfits built for comfort rather than joy. Freelancing means you don't really get to properly know the agencies you work with, so there seems little point dressing up as I would if I worked full time. I hit it and quit it.

Recently, I'm most comfortable in this bomber jacket I first showed you last week, and this jumpsuit, which I wore first in this post, but have worn it so frequently it's a blessing I'm not a personal style blogger because there would be a mass exodus from the blog due repetition of outfits!

Bomber_6b Bomber_4bBomber_5b

Topshop Bomber Jacket
ASOS Jumpsuit
Underground England Boots
DL Tote Bag
Handmade Beanie

I only wish the legs of this jumpsuit were a little wider as I find they don't sit that well with most shoes. If they were wider they would flow better over footwear. I've tried to counteract this issue by turning them up instead. These Underground England ankle boots are still up there in my top 10 footwear list. They never don't look good.