CheckMate Pt1

Ever since the Great Redundancy Scandal of 2015, every penny is now a prisoner. Until such times as my freelance work kicks off in earnest, I have precisely zero ££s for clothing. Whilst I utterly detest the term 'shop your closet' I will more or less be doing just that. I  gave away a large portion of my wardrobe recently which I'm now slightly regretting, as the plan had been to fill the gaps again with more appropriate 'linking' pieces - i.e. items of clothing which would link many seemingly random items, giving me multiple outfits. Now I'm just left with a bunch of random items. OK, it's not quite as dramatic as that, but near enough.

So for outfits going forward, I am going to take one key item and feature it in two different outfits. I don't do outfits shots every day, so it will over two weeks, more often if I can. I'm going to start off with today and the key item is these checked ASOS trousers. 

Asoschecked_8 Asoschecked_4Asoschecked_3Asoschecked_6 Asoschecked_2
I had bought these with the intention of buying a matching jacket but since that won't happen I am going to make them work with things I already have.  In this instance, it's an ASOS White top and ASOS shirt and faux fur stole, Marni shoes and Zatchels bag.

Hopefully, weather permitting, Monday will see part 2.