Shhhh, I'm Trying To Dance Here

Dear readers, I am about to subject you to this week's ballet moan. Avert thyne eyes if you do not wish to see it.

Wednesday's class was shaping up to be pretty fun as there were only myself and my friend Elizabeth in both intermediate and graded class. That means lots of jumps in the centre with plenty of room to move without bumping into anyone. Lots of good corrections and general good fun.

I decided it was also a good opportunity to break in the Grishko 2007 pointe shoes. I figured they wouldn't be as bad as I remember them. It had been some years since I'd danced in them so perhaps I'd built up how awful they were in my head and the reality would be quite different. WRONG. They are as awful as I remember.

To put it bluntly, I fecking hate these shoes. The noise! Good lord, the noise! Yes, they fit my feet pretty well, yes they support me the way they probably should, but they also just about rip off my big toe nail. Wearing ouch pouches with them is pointless because even a layer of cushion can't protect your feet against the ravages of a rock hard, scratchy box. I managed the plies before the noise started to get to me. Even more annoyingly, one of the boxes is more rounded at the edge than the other, so I go over it far too much when doing pique arabesques or even simple releves.

I took them off in disgust and threw them into my bag, swapping them for flats instead. Of course, this leaves me in a bit of pickle for pointe class on Monday. The Miracles I have seem to fit better with thicker gel type pouches but no idea how that will actually hold up for an hours worth of pointe. Getting shoes to forcibly fit your foot by adding more or thicker padding is never a good idea. I went ahead and ordered the Miracles again but in the narrowest width, X, so hopefully they'll fit. I currently wear XX, which is the second narrowest width. If size X are still too wide, then I'll just need to let them go.

Oh well, I shall just need to make myself feel better by ordered a new Yumiko leotard for Christmas time. That'll make it all better...