What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was happily cutting through the park on my way to run errands, bothering people's dogs and collecting conkers. Yesterday I was wearing my shiny new Laurence Decade shoes with no socks and not feeling the cold at all. Today however, as I sit and type this article, I have two coats on, one of which is a rain coat, as the winds and the rain outside threaten to blow me off my soaking wet feet. Today, I am not wearing my shiny new Laurence Decade shoes. Therefore let's go back to a happier time, to yesterday, when my feet were delighted in these most lovely of metallic shoes.

For me, come autumn I always crave two things: furry coats and metallics. The fur coat desire is obvious - the temperature drop sees us all want to coory up the conforting effects of fluff and fur - but I'm not sure why I only want to wear metallics during autumn and winter. Yet, as soon as it was officially autumn, something in my brain switched my desires from black to silver.

These certainly are decadance in footwear form but not so decadent that they omit all sense of practicality. The low block heel ensures they are perfectly walkable for long distances with no ill effects on one's tooties.

Laurencedecade2 Laurencedecade8Laurencedecade5Laurencedecade1Laurencedecade3Laurencedecade7

ASOS Dungarees
Topshop Shirt
Luella Bag
Laurence Decade Shoes
Vintage Hat

You'll also notice the presence of dungarees. I hunted high and low for a pair of blue denim dungarees that didn't make me look like a hillbilly but to no avail. Unless I was willing to fork out £££s for high end dungarees, which did seem to possess the correct cut for a women of my vintage, the high street versions were simply awful. I decided to try my luck with black instead and these ASOS ones seemed great, until I tried to find footwear that looked good with this level of bagginess. I was left with heels which, as you know, I rarely wear nowadays, so they got shoved to the back of the wardrobe. However, with the shininess of these shoes came also their perfect matching ability with these dungarees. 

My only single complaint with the shoes is the toe. I find round toes to be wholly unflattering on most people, me included. It has ruled out wearing them with anything other than trousers. Ach well, totally worth it,