It's a holiday here in Glasgow today, so please excuse this short and sweet post - there is a meringue and cream with my name on it.

Many of you will have seen this Zara suit in a previous post last year. I've been wearing it again a lot lately, obviously tapping into my current need to dress as simply as possible, the way being lead primarily by jumpsuits. A matching two-piece is the next best thing to an all-in-one.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll also see I'm quite excited about it finally being fur collar weather again. I've missed these hairy little caterpillars around my neck.

I know my outfits have been dull of late, but I'm overall sick of the sight of my hair, my face and everything in my wardrobe, which is only natural when you've been looking at your own face for 41 years! Bleugh!

I've also changed my hair again. My foray into plum was so ridiculously dull, I've gone back to dark brown. Anything to stop me taking the scissors to my hair...

Zs_4 Zs_3Zs_2

Zara Suit
Helen Moore Collar
Vagabond shoes