I Like Your Pants. They're Real Big

As I mentioned on Friday, I bought a pair of Wood Wood trousers.

I had my heart set on having them as part of the matching suit, but was told that ASOS wouldn't be getting the top in. Sad face. I wasn't so sure about keeping them when I heard that, but after having a play about with them at the weekend I decided I would keep them.

There is no denying they are a very tricky shape and length to carry off. Currently, they are neither trousers not culottes - they are having a bit of an identity crisis. To solve this, I'm going to have them shortened by two inches as I feel the length is slightly odd at the moment, but if they hover just above the ankle instead, that will make them more flattering and push them firmly into the culottes category. 

Since I'm still not back into wearing clashing prints quite yet, I gave them a shot with this plain white COS shirt instead. It's a simple, laid back and a little plain but the volume of the trousers definitely makes the outfit more interesting.

Woodwood_1 Woodwood_3Woodwood_4Woodwood_2bWoodwood_5

Wood Wood trousers
COS shirt
Topshop sandals
Le Tour De Force Headpiece
Henry Holland Sunglasses

Trousers this shape and size are not for the faint of heart, as they definitely have bit of comedy value about them, but the upside is they are so comfortable.