Might As Well Jump(suit)

Another day another jumpsuit.

If you listen very carefully you can hear the sound of Queen Marie quitely screaming "noooooooo" inside her mind....

ASOS came up trumps again with another perfectly cut navy jumpsuit, this time with short sleeves, rather than the camisole top in this one. No-one particularly noticed that jumpsuit/outfit, hopefully just because of the vast amount of moaning I did in the post which, doubtless, made you lose the will to live by the time you even got to the outfit. No moaning this time, just big shout outs to the item that has made it possible for me to not feel like Russian Shot Putter every time I put on a pair of trousers.

The second best thing about this, and the other one, is that because I'm ordering a size bigger, I can get away with wearing no bra as jiggle is well and truly hidden under a healthy volume of fabric. I can now shake 'em like I won't break 'em...and you will never know.

New Allea Acne boots are proving to be the little cherry on top of this cake.

Asosjs_1 Asosjs_2Asosjs_3Asosjs_4Asosjs_5b Asosjs_6

Antonia Marras Coat
Acne Boots
ASOS Jumpsuit
Wildfox Sunglasses

They are very clean and simple and do not have to be treated as preciously as the Balenciaga boots because, as you know, those buggers fall apart, but thankfully those Swedes know a thing or two about form and function. The flat ankle boot is definitely where I'm at this season. I swithered between these and the Linden model, but I thought I might not suit the Linden so passed on them and chose the Allea instead. Pleased I did as they are super versatile. 

The other positive upshot is that local charity shops should expect a haul of obsolete heels very soon.