Go Faster

Summer is wonderful but it's a constant battle between not wanting to overheat and not wanting to bare any skin. Shorts and short skirts with bare legs are an absolute no-no for me, but jeans have equally been off the cards because, you know, I don't want to actually die. That leaves me with below the knee skirts and baggy trousers. Magic.

I find the choice of footwear with baggy trousers always to be a tricky one. I hate them with heels and sandals look too girly. That just leaves me with trainers. These Zara trousers have a pensioner elasticated waist (a plus in my book) and let me keep my legs covered without sweltering but they only seem to look good with my Nike trainers. The trainers combined with the go-faster stripe up the leg of the trousers makes me look like a shit rapper, but comfort unfortunately wins over any desire to not look like a shit rapper.

Also, any day which is cool enough to let me wear my new Whistles biker jacket, then damn straight I'm wearing it. That thing has seen only one pitiful outing so far. 


Zara Trousers & T-shirt
Nike Trainers
Whistles Jacket
Wildfox Sunglasses

My hair also got a reprieve at the weekend. I had contemplated having it cut into a bob again but Prince B would have gone and hid in a hole for about a year had I done it , fearing the inevitable regret. That, and the fact every hairdresser I go to refuses to cut any more than 2" off my hair. So 2" off the bottom is what I ended up with. Prince B is happy once more, as long as I don't continue to moan about how I have "old lady hair". I am utterly convinced that my hair is not the same texture as it used to be, therefore it must mean it's "old lady" hair now. Yeah.