The Monotrain

So, my style slump rumbles on but at least now it's black and white, instead of just black.

In a week where I tried denim overalls, which bestowed upon me the look of a pregnant hillbilly, followed by white jeans, which made my legs looks they were made of actual cottage cheese, it's really not been a good fashion week for me.

The Balenciaca boots remain the high point of my warbrobe, but everything else is making me poke at it in an Edina-from-Ab-Fab kind of way. When cute things like denim overalls and white jeans are off the cards, then the defeated take to wearing big and baggy.

I decided that if my legs really do look like cottage cheese then damn them, I'll hide them under baggy, drop crotch bloomers. Screw you legs!

The bloomers in question are really old All Saints ones, back when All Saints was little more fearless. I'm just grateful they still fit to be honest.

Whistles_1 Whistles_2

Project Social t-shirt
Whistles Biker Jacket
Balenciaga Boots
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Issey Miyake bag

It's unfair to say my Balenciaga boots are the entire highlight of my wardribe, as this Whistles Ziggy biker jacket is also giving me lots of joy. It's the perfect shape and cut and I admired it from the day they released it. I managed to pick it up in the sale for princely sum of £190. It's a size bigger than I'd normally wear but I like the looseness of it and it means come winter I can actually fit a jumper under it.