Dirty Black Summer

"Yay it's summer!" I hear you say. Pah! say we in the Kingdom. So far we have little hint of summer here, other than this week. But us Glaswegians don't let that fool us into thinking summer has finally arrived in the city because we know that come next week, it'll be back to wellie boots and layers.

Since I'm still deep in my dark and scruffy biker phase, how do I at least make a nod to summer, in spite of the usual rain and grey skies? Good question, dear readers. Well the answer is simple - dig out the floor length, sheer Simon Preen dress and add a vintage biker cut-off leather on top to finish. Voila!

Not perhaps an entirely care-free summer look but it's as care free as it's getting, so take it.

Fb1 Fb2Fb3

Simon Preen dress
Vintage biker waistcoat
Klear Klutch bag
Balenciaga Bag
Undergound England shoes
Ray Ban sunglasses

I recently gave myself a much shorter fringe than I would normally as I needed a change. When I need a hair change it's a dangerous business as I tend to do something stupidly dramatic and proceed to regret it immediately. This was the less dramatic thing I could do without resulting in tears. I actually really like it. You can see my frown lines now though so I continually look angry. The upside is nobody bothers me. Every cloud and all that.