Foxy Colour

I go through fashion phases very regularly. Last summer it was a white phase; about 2 months ago I went through a 3 week long yellow phase. My phases can last last days or months. The slightest thing can trigger a phase but when I'm in one, I just need to ride it out under it's over. Currently, I'm still deep in my 60's biker phase and it's showing no sign of abating. It's not an alien look to me as it's basically been my default uniform since I was 12 years since it's really more or less a rock/metal look. But for the last few weeks I haven't worn anything else except either jeans or leather trousers and denim cut off or biker jacket. I haven't even as much looked at colour or pattern much less wear it.

This is a full blown phase and I'm not sure when it'll end but when Fox + Belle sent me this pretty colourful collar it left me torn in two. On one hand I love it's pretty colours and silky material but on the other I had to physically force myself to wear a coloured outfit that would do the collar justice.

Fox+belle_1 Fox+belle_2Fox+belle_3Fox+belle_4

5Preview Jacket
Vintage shirt & top
Topshop Skirt
Swear shoes
Issey Miyake bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
Fox + Belle collar

The resulting outfit is a bit more random than I would normally wear. 

I know that soon enough I'll be properly back to my colourful and patterned ways and I actually can't wait. In the meantime however you may need to endure some black leather and denim.