Miista Backwear

I featured my real pretty Miista bag last week, which I'm using to carry my ballet kit in now. It roomy and finally allows me to lug around all my ballet shoes and clothing stylishly.

The pretty soft blue is complemented perfectly by the tan leather and rose gold coloured hardware. Whilst currently I'm in the grip of my vintage Hells Angel inspired look, and will need to ride it out (pun intended) until I'm over of this particular aesthetic, I none the less was inspired to dig out a complementary outfit for this lovely bag. 

Miista_bag_1 Miista_bag_3Miista_bag_2

COS top
Topshop skirt and shirt
Miista bag
Monki sunglasses
Underground England shoes

It's funny, but when I'm locked into a specific look, I find it very hard to deviate away from it until I'm ready. I'm currently searching high and low to find jeans that fit me properly and Prince B bought me a new vintage fringed jacket for my birthday to wear under my cut-off biker jacket. I love the look because it's so unfashionable. It's not cool, it's  not stylish, it's just kind of scuzzy, which for me is a good thing. But it also feels most 'me'. I adore dressing up, colour, experimenting, but some looks just feel right and even though I will get back to my usual colour and print, for the moment I can't shake my inner Hells Angel.