I've mentioned this before, but I periodically get sent mystery parcels from American Apparel and have done for years. I have no idea when they will arrive or what will be in them, they just appear withour prior warning or notice.

They often contain items that I'd never wear but usually they contain items which would never fit me. Invariably they get distributed among my slimmer friends and the rest goes to the charity shop.

However, a few weeks ago a package arrived rather randomly at a former workplace, where luckily my friend still works. I was expecting the usual too small shorts and too cropped t-shirts. However, I was very pleasantly suprised when I opened the parcel to find a printed shirt and matching skirt...both of which actually fit me perfectly.

I probably shouldn't like this skirt suit, as it's teetering a little too close to something a pensioner might wear to the bingo, yet there is something inextricably drawing me in. It's kinda bookish, kinda uncool and, yes, very bingo.

The balance is mercifully tipped back in favour of it being acceptable again with the addition of these Underground England creeper sandals. These sandals are mental. In an entirely good way. When I first clapped eyes on these I knew right away they were the only sandals I'd be entirely happy in and I was absolutely right. Comfortable and badass. Win.


American Apparel shirt, skirt & socks
Vintage shirt & hat
Monki sunglasses
Underground England sandals
Zatchels bag

For me, it's a suprisingly simple, relatively unfussy outfit. Doubtless it'll see some additional styling as time goes on and opt to seperate the pieces but, for now, I'm happy they keep each company in the same outfit.