Morphe Into This

Hello!! It's been ages since we saw you last.

For those of you who don't know, Typead, our blog host, has been under a severe and prolonged DDoS attack - Distributed Denial of Service. It brought every blog to it's knees. We've been down since Saturday evening but some other blogs have been down for a whole 10 days. It felt like there was no end in sight, but thankfuly the Typepad team worked around the clock to get blogs back up and running. 

Such downtime can spell death for blogs and I have no idea how many readers this will have cost us, but say hello if you're still out there!

But back to the business of blogging....

Back early last month I featured a New Dheli based label called Morphe and I ordered a little top from them. It's always a little tricky ordering from labels which are not yet established as you need to be sure of the sizing, especially when they are only online and not in your own country. This is why I try and get something small to begin with to see quality and sizing, before possibly moving on to a bigger purchase.

I bought their Art Top. It's really well made but runs on the neat side, so perhaps it's a tiny bit smaller than I would have liked. I ordered a medium and I really could have used a large instead as it doesn't quite fit across the shoulders, making it rather unflattering at the arms.

It also took about a month to arrive. That, and the fact it's dry clean only, has made me think twice about making another purchase, if I'm honest. I did give it a gentle handwash and it seems to have survived fine enough.

Morphe_1 Morphe_4
Morphe_2 Morphe_3

ASOS dress - Morphe top - Angel Jackson bag - eBay shoes - Triwa sunglasses


However, I've been wearing it whenever we get little hints of spring sunshine, and over the course of the Easter weekend I wore it with an ASOS White dress underneath.