Satchel Shaped Problem

Prince B continually tells me I'm obsessed - obsessed by shoes, obsessed by dresses, obsessed by jackets. I, of course, deny any such thing and my rebuttal is usually, "well I work hard, I don't smoke and I hardly ever drink, so I need to spend my money on something".

But on Sunday, as I looked for a space in our overcrowded bedroom for my early birthday Rhodesian satchel I realised that, in some cases, I might have a small obsession. Just a very little one.

One such case would appear to be satchels. Ummmmm.....

SatchelsI found it hard to find a space for my Jasmine bag because every available space already had a satchel in it. 

My first ever satchel was the neon Cambridge Satchel Company one and that kicked off the whole collection. It was incredibly versatile, it was a great size and I always got tons of compliments about it. The other reason I love them so much is that you can so easily have ALL THE COLOURS! Plus,  the shapes go with everything; I can indulge in as many pastels as I want; they look great as they get older and...all the colours!

Of course, when another satchel finds it's way into our house, Prince B be all like;

PrincebI wish I could appease poor Prince B and tell him that no more satchels will find their way into our house, but that would just be plain lying. Sorry Prince B...