Modest Pinny

As I mentioned several weeks ago, I took a little trip to Gladrags in Glasgow for a clothing drop off and also made a small purchase, in the form of a cute little vintage skirt.

One day I wore it to work and as the Studio Manager admired it, we both agreed it reminded us of a pinny (an old fashioned Brit work for apron). In the 70's, in particular, both my mum and my granny were never without a pinny on. Infact, most women to be found removing their washing from the line would be wearing a pinny. 

My own little pinny-like skirt has hiding underneath it a pair of modesty shorts. Modest certainly, but makes layering a bit tricky! However, in spite of it's layering limitations, the charm of the modesty shorts is undeniable. Also, it allows one to pull up one's skirt in a most immodest fashion. See image 4.

The colours are spring time sweet with grass green and daffodil yellow, so seems only fitting to pair it with some flowers, in the form of this vintage top, for a full spring-time bloom.

Gladrags_3 Gladrags_8
Gladrags_7 Gladrags_2


Vintage skirt, top & shirt - Miista shoes - Helen Moore collar -  Issey Miyake bag - Zatchels bag


And hello stunning new season Miista shoes! Wowzers how gorgeous are these? The Zoe is one of my favourite Miista models and in this print and this turquoise colour, only serves to further cement my favouritism.