Suits You Sir

As I mentioned last week I bought the Tropical Dove skirt and matching shirt from House of Holland, part of the SS14 collection. I cannot tell you how much I love this gorgeous little set of cuteness. The material really is perfect for this sort of boxy cut, especially the shirt, as it retains it's shape beautifully and most definitely belies the price.

Now, what struck me even more is that I didn't even feel the need to add any additional layers or clash any more colours or pile on more print. Whaaat?! True story. Even with the Zara suit I clashed the grid pattern with opposing leopard print. I would say this is positively understated for me and I don't feel boring at all!

I was slightly perplexed by the sizing though - usually I'm a straight size 10 both top and bottom but with this I am a 10 on top, with room to move, yet a very neat 12 on the bottom. Unless my ass grew a size overnight, the sizing is worth looking out for.

I happily wore it out for the first time last week. Prepare to be sick of the sight of this, workmates.  Hh8Hh7 Hh4
Hh6 Hh2b_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Topshop shoes - Maison Scotch bomber jacket (this jacket doesn't count as clashing so much as a neccessity) - UrbanEars headphones - Wildfox sunglasses - Kirsty Ward necklace


I think this little suit is a great example of how the simple act of wearing 2 items in a single print can have a bold effect without the need to layer and pile on anything else. Whilst I do normally enjoy layering and mixing fabrics, wearing such a simple outfit without sacrificing interest was a refreshing change for me. Having said all that, I would have preferred a knee length skirt, as personally I'm not all that comfortable in mini skirts any more and until I'd seen these photos I never quite realised how short the skirt actually is, therefore next time I wear it, I'll most likely layer another longer skirt underneath.