Bring Me Sunshine

In spite of my very dark hair, which supposedly goes perfectly well with yellow, it's not a colour I would usually think about wearing much beyond neon yellow, which I do have quite a lot of. Maybe it's because I myself am not exactly of a sunny disposition, a requirement for wearing sunny yellow with conviction I suspect. However, when I saw these Alberto Moretti shoes which are topped and tailed with sunshine yellow leather, then it made me rethink my relationship with the colour.


In a sartorial serendipity moment, several days after buying the shoes I came across this beautful Dries Van Noten-esque jacket from Zara, with it's flecks of greeny yellow throughout. And then, even more oddly, Dust emailed me images of a beautiful suit she'd made me which heavily features a gorgeous shade of chartreuse. The Universe is clearly wanting me to get my sunshine on!

For the aformentioned reasons, I didn't find any yellow pieces in my wardrobe so I kept it as an accent for this outfit, which I've worn probably an embrassasing amount of times.

Yellow_10Yellow_8 Yellow_2

Erin Alexander Klym dress - Vintage skirt - Zara top - Diesel waistcoat - Issey Miyake bag - Alberto Moretti shoes


Alas, it rained mere moments after these photos were taken. So much for sunshine.