Dusturbance Of The Peace Pt 3

A few weeks ago I showed you the stunning coat created by frequent KOS commentor and girl who makes blogging feel worthwhile, the talented Dust and her label Dusturbance. Whenever I wear it I continually marvel at the quality and workmanship which has gone into making it. Whilst few of you showed your support outwardly, I know a great deal of you will have still felt her creation was as beautiful as I did.

As I mentioned, the box of designs she sent me was huge, with several key pieces inside. Aside from the coat and the suit, there was a second coat neatly folded at the bottom.

This is a charcoal grey texture-fest and is of the same material as the shorts, which featured in the other outfit, only much heavier. It almost feels like denim and possesses an unsual cocoon-meets-blazer silhouette, making it feel both smart and laid back simulteously. Like the other coat, it can be worn with or without the lining, truly making it a coat for all seasons.

In view it's denim-like qualities, I decided to keep my outfit all denim....

Dusturbance_pt3_1 Dusturbance_pt3_2Dusturbance_pt3_5Dusturbance_pt3_4Dusturbance_pt3_3_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dusturbance coat - Olesia Makhonko  skirt - Primark shirt - ASOS shoes - Rhodesian of Edinburgh bag - Giia neckpiece


And finally meet Poppy, the pitbull/staffy cross who's been our houseguest for the last two weekends. She awesome and mental all at the same time.