Isolated Heroes Part One

Ok, let's talk fur. Let's talk specifically about muppet-style, candy coloured fur. Basically, the best kind of fur.

My weakness for fake fur is well documented, if you care to look through the archives of personal style on this blog. My wardrobe is never without a nice helping of the fluffy stuff. However, what it lacks is pastel hued fur, which is prety shocking given my love of this particular colour spectrum.

Enter Isolated Heroes.

I've featured this fun Glasgow-based label before on here, and their youthful 'Cyber Barbie' aesthetic may seem a million miles away from something I could carry off, but when they sent me one of their fake fur dresses and coats to try in pastel blue and lilac, I had to give it a bash and Michelle-ify it.

Over today and tomorrow I shall show you the pieces in question. Today, let's begin with this dress. Basically, the best dress ever. Ever. It's like wearing a blue teddybear and that can't be a bad thing. I cannot tell you how much this makes me smile. You simply cannot be unhappy wearing this and I hope that's what Isolated Heroes intend with such creations. 

Isolatedheroes_2 Isolatedheroes_1Isolatedheroes_3Isolatedheroes_3b
I might not be a Cyber Barbie, but maybe I can be a Cyber Michelle?

Shop Isloated Heroes here.