Grid Lock

Oh how I love a grid pattern. I think my love affair with this linear loveliness began in the early 90's when every graphic designer, myself included, would coo over the work of the sadly now defunct Designers Republic. These boundary pushing designers would frequently incorporate unexpected elements into their designs, such as using grid paper as 'noise' in a piece of design. Their work still resonates with me even now.

A good grid is hard to find though. Tartan and plaid still tends to be favoured when it comes checks. So when I can find items in this pattern I tend to snap them up. Next up on my list is the trousers from Whistles.

But 2 of my most worn things luckily have grids - my Zara suit and ASOS wool skirt - and now it's definitely weather to get heavy with the layers and that, of course, means it's time to wear them together. I ended up shortening the trousers so they were a little cropped. And wearing a skirt over trousers is a further little nod to the 90's.

To the outfit I've added my Underground England wedges and I'm now ready for a game of human knots and crosses. I'll be knots...

Grid1 Grid4Grid3Grid2