Old Friends

Rooting about your wardrobe in the hope of rediscovering old clothing is a dangerous little game. You suddenly find a much loved gem from years ago, delight in the fact you've found each other again, only to discover that your ass has other ideas. Nothing can suck the wind clean out of your sails like not being to able to fit into your clothes any longer. My sails are frequently deflated. Sure, you can look upon the positive side and rejoice in the fact you have to buy new things instead, but at the back your mind you'll always be wishing you could have your cake and eat it. But then, that's probably why you're in this situation in the first place. 

In a bid to clear my wardrobe, I've been going through all my clothes and trying them on to see what can stay and what needs to go. There's been a lot of going and not much staying.

I've waved tearful goodbyes to lots of old faithfuls, bought back in the days when my legs were not that of a footballers. One thing which actually did still fit, just, is this tutu style dress from Lucette. I have all kinds of love for this dress. It's layered, petal-like tulle skirt and contrasting metal detail on the bodice is the kind of contradiction in a garment I love. I've dressed it down with my 5Preview denim jacket and Underground England quadruple sole creepers. 

Hello old friend...