Bonnie the vampire slayer...

Last week I was none too pleased to be confronted by a shop full of advent calenders before we have even had sodding Halloween...


 I still have not decided what to dress up as this year but this wonderful new lookbook from Kingdom favourite Bonnie Bling had been given me some ideas!

For Winter, Bonnie has become a Vampire Slayer....

AW13 Bonnie Lookbook low res 1
AW13 2

AW13 takes on a fierce new persona in the form of our heroine Bonnie the Vampire Slayer. Taking on the very darkest of evil in her spare time, Bonnie roams the high street full of attitude, strut and style leaving a trail of haters in her wake. ^ Turning dark times into fun times, being strong when everything around you looks impossible, fighting for your own place in the world and doing it your own way, play like you have everything to live for and never let the cracks get so big that they swallow you whole.

 Autumn/Winter celebrates the powerful, feminine night time warrior who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, share her strength and love with others and who always looks out for nearest and dearest. She is strong and possesses the special ability to pull herself together when times get super tough. No duvet days for Bonnie, there are bad guys to be beat! 

Although I must confess that I am greatly alarmed by that statement above about "no duvet days"

I am all about the duvet and the comfort and sanctuary of the bed.

Maybe I could be Queen Marie the Blanket Slayer....

AW13 3
AW13 11

Picture 2

Picture 4

AW13 9

AW13 Bonnie Lookbook lo8

AW13 Bonnie Lookbook 77

AW13 4


I've not showed you my favourite piece yet.

I'll show you that on Friday along with my fangs...

Queen Marie