Swear By Florals

My final sale purchase came from Swear London, a shop operated by Farfetch, in the form of a beautiful pair of floral brogues.

Queen Marie will know Swear best as my "hover feet" - a shoe I used to wear in the very early 90's which had a quadruple sole. She said when I wore them it always looked like I was floating off the ground. They gave her no end of pleasure, as she laughed every time I wore them! They might have looked a little, er, exaggerated but oh my, they were comfy! My equivalent now would be my quadruple sole Underground creeper, so I guess some things never change - I've always like a big shoe. Mind you, I soon got over them when the Spice Girls appeared on the scene and 'Baby Spice' adopted the hover feet look. Nothing like a Spice Girl to kill a look stone dead.

Swear have changed quite a lot since then though, creating much less boisterous footwear these days. Whilst the big soles have gone, in it's place is a selection of practical shoes but in an array of fun prints and colours. These are obviously from the spring/summer collection, but I'm hoping the rain stays away for a while longer so I can fully enjoy my flowery feet. 

Jean Pierre Braganza dress; charity shop trousers; eBay jacket; Zatchels bag; Henry Holland sunglasses

Q Michelle