The Only Way Is Amish

I'm sometimes quite surpised by how sartorially schizophrenic I am at times. I can't settle on any specific look, I want to try a bit of everything. I'm more than happy to be one day clashing up colours, the next stripping it back to nothing but white, and the next day a riot of prints. I just cannot commit to any one look, which is strange for me considering I'm usually incredibly decisive. When I try to clear out my wardrobe, as I do on a regular basis, I find myself with the same mish mash of items and styles, just less of them!

Obviously, my current dominant phase it white. I am actually surprised it's lasted this long. Normally, a phase like this would last mere weeks yet here I am, several months in, and a least a 5th of closet now consists of white things. I guess that could be considered a commitment to a look.

My latest white addition is this COS dress I scooped in the sale for £35. I adore it in all it's Amish-like austerity. I have already been wearing it loads, as it's stunning on it's own but works equally well layered up.

In this instance I have kept it simple with a white shirt underneath, some socks and my blue Topshop shoes. It feels like ages since I've worn high heels. Dare I say it, I think I'm over them...

Queen Michelle