An Angel By My Side

Last week I showed you the work of London based accessories label, Angel Jackson and I mentioned that I was getting some bags to play with, well the beauties arrived and they are lovely beyond words. I received the Atomic mini box bags in tangerine and taupe.

They feel very glamorous, like proper grown-up bags. When I put them on I was reminded of when I was 7  years old and my mum let me and my friend Irene go to the cafe on our own for the first time. To mark the monumentous occassion of independence, my mum let me take one of her glamorous evening clutches to carry my 50p. I felt so grown up as I reached into the clutch bag to take out my money to pay for my grown-up hot chocolate. Of course, the lady serving us must have thought it funny, me with my evening clutch. 

When I unpacked these little bags, I felt almost the same as I did when I carried my mums clutch as a kid.

They are small, but carry a surprising amount and whilst one is good, two is even better. I can see me getting a  ton of wear from these bundles of loveliness.

All photos by Prince B

Queen Michelle