No Frills

I know, I know, you are probably entirely fed up with white on this blog week in, week out, but I'm afraid you'll need to bear with me as I just can't move away from it yet. It isn't helping that in Glasgow we are actually getting something which quite closely resembles summer.

I've mentioned before that I hate baring limbs and usually only do it if the outfit really does look best with bare limbs. I've come to terms with my ridiculously pasty legs, that will never be tanned no matter how much sun they get, so I don't mind getting them out quite as much as I do my arms. All women have bits about their bodies they dislike and my arms are one of mine. And if someone handed me smaller boobs I wouldn't complain either.

I decided that a midcalf sheer skirt was what I needed to see me through summer days, where I could get the best of both worlds - covered legs, but with the airiness of bare ones. Needless to say, the search for such an item proved entirely fruitless, so it was off to the fabric shop to buy some white organza and make my own.

With square-cut COS shirt, low ponytail and silver neckpiece, it's a stark, no frills summer...


Organza is a beautiful fabric, but absolutely crap for using on anything that will get actual wear. I wore this skirt all day and by the end the seams had started fraying, inspite of being carefully overlocked. Seems like it's a fabric that you need to make sure you don't do stuff like sit down whilst wearing it. Helpful.

On the plus side, we met a beautiful lurger whilst enjoying our walk. She was the smiliest, friendliest dog ever. She seemed to enjoying leaning against our legs. We were OK with that.

Queen Michelle