Cloud Nine


“If it were not for dreams

there would not be such a thing as ballet,

the cruelest of the performing arts.”


I know not of anything as painful yet as beautiful as ballet.
I know not of anything which creates heartache and pleasure in equal measure.
Ballet makes you proud of your body and loathe it simultaneously.
It brings tears of anger and tears of elation in a single class.
Perhaps there is no greater sense of achievement than pushing your body
to it's absolute limits...









Ballet photodiary featuring Cloud & Victory tees

I imagine ballet class to be the same pretty much the world over. Ballet dancers everywhere know the routine and I even think that you could probably drop into a class where your language is not spoken and still be able to take the class. 

Drop into any class and you'll see dancers with their own preferred outfits for warming up, all differing greatly. Some dancers are only confident in black, some prefer the traditional leotard and chiffon skirt uniform, whilst others layer up patterns and colours. My own preference is pink ballet tights, legwarmers or wool trousers and a pale coloured leotard. As class proceeds, the layers get stripped off. Begin now with one of the amazing Cloud & Victory tees. Get ready to jete.

Queen Michelle