Bands And Bikers

I recently contributed an article to Motilo about things I collect.

I thought long and hard about the shit stuff I collect, and realised there are many things I like to have several of. The same things. Things that I always come back to over and over, no matter what kind of stylistic phase I'm going through.

I decided to chose the things that are fundamental to who I am; to my youth and my past; the things that shaped me, sartorially, and the things I treasure because these items  gave me a solid identity in the time of uncertainty and trepidation that is Youth. They speak of my lifelong love of music, of broken hearts, of my first time getting drunk, my first gig, my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first headbang and of finally feeling that I belonged. I may have belonged to a group of outsiders, "hippies", as we were often called, greasers, but it my was my group and we all understood each other and spoke the same language.

Those things would be my biker jackets and my band t-shirts.

I haven't shown the images on here before, although you've all seen most of these items in various outfit shots, but thought it might be fun to share them altogether. I have since added a Metallic 'Metal Up Your Ass' baseball tee to the collection. This tee gets endless wear. And James Hetfield wore one at a gig while playing For Whom The Bell Tolls in the 80's. Hell yeah!

The T-shirts




The Biker Jackets




Queen Michelle