Bag Rehab

I have talked plenty about wanting to be a Small Bag Girl even though I know I'm just a Big Bag Girl, but I am nothing if not willing to give change a try, so when I came across this gorgeous little bag in Primark I decided to begin my Bag Rehabilitation in earnest.

I don't NEED to carry all the crap I do - I do it to try and cover all possible emergencies, within reason, clearly. I don't carry heart respirators with me or anything. But a bag with inhalers, various lipbalms, phone, purse, USB sticks, pens, bits of paper with Important Notes on things I've forgotten but keep because I might remember, sweets and various hair clips/bands/grips all adds up. Adds up to a massive tote to be precise.

Well no more. On Thursday, providing it's not raining (need to carry umbrella in a tote), I shall carry this small but perfectly formed bag and it might just ring in a new era of Small Bag Girl.






The blue and brown combination is gorgeous as is the boxy shape. Hopefully, come Thursday, I'll be a changed bag lady...

Queen Michelle